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Do you know what they call a gathering of crows?

A murder. A murder of crows. Think about it.

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Name:Ashe Corven
Location:LA, California, United States of America

I'm Your Boogie Man!

I'm here to do whatever I can...

Name at birth: Michael Ashley Corven
Preferred name: Ashe
Age: 25
Date of Birth: June 10th
Sex: Male.
Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity: Ashe is a straight male even if some of the clothes he wears or things he says may leave questions.
Race/Ethnicity: Spanish-French, raised in switzerland.
Skin Tone: Olive
Height: 5' 11½"
Weight: Around 245
Voice: A strange but nice mixed accent.
Marital Status: Engaged to Selene
Children: Daniel Corven (Deceased)
Ashe is a Crow Avatar, meaning he has gifts given to him because of his painful death. Because be is already dead, The Avatars are incapable of feeling pain outside of the tortured memories of their and their loved one's own untimely demise, this also works as empathy if AShe were to touch someone suffering he would feel their pain and could easily pass it on to another. In the case of Ashe this pain powers him more then some crows. He can instantly recover from any form of bodily harm, no matter how great the damage, unless he inflicts it himself outside of a battle. An example, he shoots himself in the head to scare Spider Monkey and a would be robber and heals, however if he cut his wrists in a fit od depression that would scar and take forever to heal. The spirits don't take suicide lightly. The crows also have otherworldly strength, they can easily overcome any adversary, even those who would be otherwise untouchable. The Avatar's supernatural senses also make him or her exceptionally skilled at hunting down and eliminating a target, and superhumanly agile with cat-like reflexes, thus the avatar can fight with great skill and shoot with great accuracy even if he or she had never possessed such skills during his or her life. In addition the Avatar shares eyes with their Crow, thus being able to observe the place with the help of the bird. The Crow also does everything to help the reborn when it's necessary. Including die sometimes, however if the Crow dies, the avatar becomes practically mortal once more, they get to keep their empathic powers but the healing stops.

Ashe was born to a home of mixed orgins. His father was a Hungrian-spanish mix and his mother swiss. He was the middle child of four sibblings, one brother and two sisters one older one younger. Forever pressured to go above and beyond what he wanted to please his mother (An exmple learning 5 langages before age of 10.) His passion was magic and the better he got at it the more his parents disapproved. At the age of 17 he finally cracked after a fight with his older sister he ran away, hitchiking from Switzerland to Paris. He stayed with his aunt for a year in Paris before she gave him the money he needed to go to America like he wished.

Ashe spent a month or two as a model before realzing that he was being tricked into stuff that was closer to porn. Quitting he turned to illegial street racing, this was were he met his deceased wife Heather, she was pretty and all over him the moment he spoke to her, she was pregnate within the first week of knowing him. When she came to him asking for money for an abbortion Ashe struck her for even sugessting such a thing, he forced her to marry him so their child would not be born a bastard and from there his life turned for the worst.

His son was born after 9 months of hell with Heather, and Heather left the day the child was born. Six months later the police informed Ashe that Heather was dead and Ashe was alone in the city to raise the little boy, and thats what he did. He devoted his life, every waking moment to his son. The two lived in the back room of the garage Ashe owned for the next 7 years everything seemed fine and happy. Ashe was very proud of his son, the boy was as quick of a learner as he had been as a boy. The boy had a lot of faith in relgion which was one of the reasons Ashe sent him to Catholic school, though his own faith had mostly died off he wanted his son to grow up knowing what the love of god could feel like.

One night while Ashe was working on an old Charger he called 'Jezebel' Danny was coloring a pictire of the two of them, it was then that a gunshot rang out and their lives changed forever. Ashe tried to stop Danny from seeing the hit but it was too late and now they were victims too. The moment Danny's blood splashed across him and he saw the light drain from his son's eyes part of Ashe Corven died. A few months later he raised from the watery grave he and his child were pushed into and made every one of them involved pay. In the process he lost his chance to cross over, tied between the worlds forever.

Canon What Canon: Ashe Corven could no longer take the weight of the things he had lost, paying one last visit to Danny's grave he torched the Garage and Sarah's apartment taking only her journal and bag worth of stuff, memories of his son and things he would absolutely need and he left the city of Angels forever. Where he ended up was a place not much better besides in apperance. This cities darkness was much better hidden, so what was one more shadow in the night?


I am not Vincent Perez or Ashe Corven. Mr. Vincent Perez belongs to himself and Ashe Corven belongs to James O'Barr, Tim Pope and Bad Bird Productions, I get no money for this. It's all in the name of fun. The character and player are both over 20. Also the muse can be horribly violent at times, he does not take kindly to drug dealers ot those hurting innocent people. If you play someone like this who flaunts it. Please approch with caution.
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